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  • "Farming with Authority means doing the right thing for the crop. I know I did the right thing with Authority herbicide."

    Jeff Huber, Menno, SD

  • "The whole idea is to raise crops not weeds. That's why I use Authority XL."

    Kip Smith, Dudley, MO

  • "Authority puts me in control. I'm not letting the weeds control me."

    Greg Nuttelman, Stromsburg, NE

  • "We're using a couple of Authority products. There's one that fits every field if we need it."

    Ben Kirchhoff, Blackburn, MO

  • "A clean field produces yield. Profit. Weeds aren't going to make us money. Authority XL gives us a wide range of weed control."

    Dougherty Brothers, Greenwood, IN

Farming with Authority®

Farming with Authority is all about pulling maximum yield from every soybean crop. Authority preemergence herbicides can help you do that by keeping tough and resistant weeds and grasses out of your field.

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Fight Resistance with Multiple Modes of Action
Fight Resistance with Multiple Modes of Action

Glyphosate resistance is growing rapidly. One way to contain its growth is to incorporate Authority preemergence herbicides. Authority herbicides tackle the problem weeds that glyphosate products can no longer control.

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