Authority® MTZ DF Herbicide

Fall Burndown or Spring Treatment with the Flexi-Crop Advantage™

Authority® MTZ DF herbicide helps control winter annuals and other problem broadleaf weeds in soybeans when applied in the fall. With a fall application, you can plant earlier in the spring since soils dry off and warm earlier with lower weed populations to control preplant. Whether you apply in the fall or spring, weeds won't emerge to rob soybeans of valuable nutrients and moisture.

A major benefit of Authority MTZ DF herbicide is Flexi-Crop Advantage which means you can apply it in the fall, and plant either soybeans or corn next season. Base your crop decision on market variables - not the herbicides you used in the fall.

  • Broad spectrum control of tough winter weeds
  • Controls Roundup® herbicide - and ALS-resistant weeds
  • Uses multiple modes of action in a non-ALS product for good resistance management
  • Tank mixes easily with burndown programs or preemergence grass control products for growers' differing needs
  • Residual control fits fall and spring application timings for flexibility and performance along with bringing good burndown activity for no-till fields

“Authority MTZ DF herbicide will do a better job in the burndown situation in the spring for marestail.”

Dougherty Brothers, Greenwood, IN

Dougherty Testimonials


Matt Thompson, Retail Marketing Manager for FMC, talks Authority MTZ DF herbicide.

Authority MTZ DF Herbicide Performance

Authority® MTZ DF Herbicide Weed Spectrum

Broadleaf Weeds
  • Carpetweed
  • Ragweed,common
  • Purslane, common
  • Waterhemp, tall and common
  • Lambsquarters, common
  • Nightshade, eastern black
  • Panicum, fall
  • Henbit
  • Kochia
  • Morningglory
  • Amaranth, Palmer
  • Smartweed, Pennsylvania
  • Prickly sida
  • Pigweed, redroot